How to introduce yourself in an interview

Bank interview is the final step in the recruitment process. Each individual will be asked to introduce himself/herself at the start of every interview. This makes it the most commonly asked question. Yet, everyone has a different approach.

Here are some different approaches:

The Professional Approach

Hello Mam, I am Rakesh Sharma.

I am from Chandigarh. I have been working as a sales executive for the last two years.

I am very much interested in banking and finance and that's why I am here.

Thank you for inviting me.

The Academic Approach

Hello Sir. Myself Radhika Chandra.

I just finished my final year B. Com. from Jabalpur University with distinction.

I have been a serious student and now I am looking for a career.


Whatever is your approach make sure that you show your confidence. Be courteous and humble. 


We invite you to share your approach.